Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

Well i said it wasnt for sure that i would blog everyday... Yes its too early but still...*insert poop here* Omdayz Im tired!!! Like my eyes hurt! Oh dear...i am grateful 2 God though...i havent called in sick yet despite all temptations to. Yes i know its only day 4... STOP JUDGING ME! Whatever you tired...i would soon go to the toilet to sleep. I have soo much work to do though. Sleep is NOT an option...

Now the traffic situation in this my country is REALLY worrying me and i really want to do something about it. Lord knows what though...pity 1 cant just look for the governor and talk to him. Lord knows i want to...

Things could be much simpler...but there are rules...and complications.

I was having a heart to heart with my cousin last nite...and I realised something...something im not entirely comfortable with as well. Lord help me i beg You. This i do not need....

As you can see do not have much to say...i do but...not today

#NowPlaying Undisputed- MI... not bad...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I left earlier than to work in a slightly shorter period of time than yesterday...and i got to work early enough to sleep in the car for a bit...i hope this lasts through out the time i work here sha...

I dont know y...i think i got this from a fellow blogger but i do feel the need to blog everyday this month... Knowing me this may not pan out eventually...oh well i do have something to share. Got this message n my facebook inbox...from this group i joined called 'People who strictly believe the bible'... You can check it out here---->

Well here it is...i learned this morning. I hope you do too...

I know its been a while since I sent messages but by the grace of God I shall resume sending some now. I hope we are still remembering who we are in Christ. I have been blessed heavily by this article you are about to read. If you are a controlling, manipulating person who will do anything to get your way, this message is for you.

Control and Manipulation
by Dr. Larry Ollison
Depression, jealousy, and emotional outbursts have often been considered the result of frustration and stress in life. However, recently I have noticed several people who have used depression, jealousy, and emotional outbursts as a form of control.
It may seem difficult to believe that a depressed person isn't really depressed, or that a jealous person isn't really jealous, or that an emotional outburst is not fueled by anger. However, many times this is true.
As Christians, we must never attempt to control people through manipulation. Control and manipulation is rebellion against God's plan for someone else. A person who relentlessly attempts to control another usually becomes so focused on the control that their minds cannot be changed. This is a type of stubbornness.
According to the Bible, rebellion and stubbornness are not of God.
"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." (1 Samuel 15:23)
We must break the spirit of control in our lives. Galatians 5:22 tells us that a part of the fruit of the spirit is self-control. Yes, we must take control of our own lives and not allow sin to enter. We must pray for and do good to others. We must love them and not think of ourselves as higher than them. However, we must never try to bring someone closer to God or closer to the way we think they should be by way of control.
Depression, jealousy, and emotional outbursts are all based in fear. Any time fear is used to restructure a situation, it's wrong. God never uses fear as a motivation, but God motivates through love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love changes lives. Love reveals God's true nature and love is what will bring people into a right understanding of where they should be.
So the next time you catch yourself trying to manipulate someone through your emotions, stop it. Think about what you are doing and start operating in love instead of fear. Anything that you do that is associated with fear has its roots in the devil.
Remember this. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Thank you everybody for all the positive feedback. God bless you indeed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The month of the Scorpio...

Bless my soul im so tired! I am grateful but hella tired. Its my first day at my new job...same company, different branch. I used to work behind my house but now i work on the other side of town which means a 2 hour commute just cuz if the traffic i now would be facing on a daily...5 days a week (yes b4 my break i was working for 4 days) :( God help you...this is such a huge difference from my work life of the past year...i hope i dont quench!

In other news its NOVEMBER!!!! Woot wooot! Its my brithday month people!!!! I am excited...yet i am not. Im excited cuz i get to feel special for at least 1 day this month but im not so excited cuz well...asides my getting older, i dont think i have much to celebrate. Yes i know that i am alive is enough but still...

Infact scratch that...i have a job...thats good enough to celebrate right? Im still struggling to come closer to God and in the past year i have almost gotten there...then i fell back again and im not happy about it but...God just give me the grace that i need. What a graduate (even though i wish i had finished with something better...but what can i say or do about it now i mean...its over and done with. Errrmmmm...yea i just finished my NYSC without any issues i believe. Oh yea i am getting closer to my mum....we r not close o! But i am getting closer...i do understand her, i do understand that we r two very different people, and i know i currently live under her roof now and she is set in her ways so really im the one with few choices in our relationship. LoL. Still cant talk to her about other personal stuff asides from work. maybe i would get there some day.

What else is there...oh yea my siblings! My brother is working my sister just started uni...and they seem to be at good places in their lives happy and oh so proud of them! They have not a clue! They make me feel better about myself. At least my screw ups dont rub off on them LoL! My dad is my dad...watching him closely now...that is all...for now -_-

As for the man issue...i shant talk about it much but em...things have been slightly complicated. Apparently i em...give off vibes that do not favor me LoL. Apparently i come off as some one who needs someone, or as someone who is already taken (imagine) or as a lesbian! Now now...this one i have been battling for a while...WHAT THE HELL!?!?! How?? Like i like men....strong men! How do i look ike i like gurls...and y on earth are females coming on to me?? no1 should come with any of that "maybe its a sign" shit cuz i will kill u... I admit the notion was interesting to think about initially...but i am NOT venturing into that...NEVER! So if no1 feels like dating me they should just say so....cuz all these excuses r rubbing me up wrong... LMAO!
Na im good on that front...tryna get myself to a certan stage b4 im serious...even though i am seriously lusting after someone at the moment...LORD HELP ME 2 TURN AWAY! Its sooo hard! *sobbery*

The moral of this story is that as i am i have a lot to b thankful for...a lot to change and a lot to improve but still...i thank here's to November!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm falling in Love...

You guys i have tried before...but now i am positive...and i am so happy that i am... i am falling in love with feels weird and sadly its hard...but i am! A song everyone is bumping now 'The way you are'- Bruno mars...

It came on and i sand it to me whatever you getting happy...with me...just the way i am :) *OOOHH you should hear me sing it to ;)*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A lot of things have hpnd since the last time I blogged...strange things too...none stranger or more dramatic or shall I say more action packed than that which has pushed me to blog today!
Yes ladies and gentlemen I now possess one of the qualities of a rap artist....somn that has increased my street cred...I am now a certified gangsta ladies and gentlemen. FOR YESTERDAY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT I WAS SHOT AT BY THE POLICE!
*Insert rap beat or whichever tickles ur fancy here* yo... yo... yo... *50 cents voice* I'm the realest nigga, i been shot at and I'm still standing nigga, stepped on the gas like Evelyn Salt my nigga, was weavin trucks across the bridge my nigga, me and my plane( I call my car a plane) still rollin deep my nigga...thank God I aint got a cap in my ass nigga .........em yea...tht concludes Track 1. Record deal? Yes? No? Figured....
Well b4 I narrate this here story to u...I would like to thank the almighty God for sparing my life cuz a number of things cud have hpnd to me. I cud have been hit, I cud have swerved and hit a car or fallen into the murky waters below the bridge (eeewwwww) I could have somersaulted with the car, I cud hv stopped nd been beaten.... Chai na wa! God I thank you! To think at this time yday I was wailing like a mad person...and now I'm making can only be God!

I woke up that morning with my father on my neck harassing me about plans I have made for my life. Plans I hv told him of before...plans that are not long term. Plans I am still trying to make...
Then he harasses me about why I keep to needs to realise not everything should be shared....smh. I however told him he ddnt wnt to hear my thots...he said I shud go ahead...lo and behold he didn't wnt to hear them....I am at my wits end....frustrated beyond BEYOND!!! Comfort came from the strangest mother! My mother doesn't comfort me when I cry....she still had her own to say o but....that is another blog post 4 another day.
So I set out of the house...a tad bit I hv been 4 the past few days...and went to my lil arena of and God (I pray) in my car on the road. Thank goodness it was free...naturally I gassed up (Xabi likes her speed) I sha found myself behind this truck full of police men. 1 of them was lookin agitated so I moved out from behind them to other side of the very wide bridge. That's hw the policeman (who I'm convinced was high as a flippin kite) now shot at me. I thank God for the reflexes he has given me. On the road they hv not failed me. I just stepped on the this truck was trying to corner me. Through my mind I had a flashback of a video of how some uniformed men beat and stripped a woman on the road a while back. NO BE ME NO BE TODAY!! Sped past them and moved to the other side of the road...lo and behold...a bus and ANOTHER truck full of policemen! Those 1z now saw me as a small rat they would use to play and wanted to corner me on the other side of the bridge!!! I said NEVER! My portion is NOT to bash this car AGAIN! Stepped on the gas again! Passed them...they put on their sirens and increased speed.

*Commercial Break*
I would like to thank the manufacturers at Toyota...especially those that worked on Xabi's Toyota Avalon!!!
Yall put in a kick ass gas pedal! *applause* God bless u Chinese lot u hardworkers u! Amen
*Break Over*

That is how I said I SHANT end up in some sort of cell and be treated like some fugitive! I picked my race and ran it! Suspected traffic would be ahead so I took a detour...drove in and stopped...then it clicked....Oh Lord I cried!!! Why me?! Why today?! Is it not enough?! I'm just tired!!! I called my dad panting and crying...tried to tell him wht hpnd nd told him where I was.... My church was close so he said to drive there and wait... He was on his way....
Shook up is an understatement! Kai!!!

If they had not missed....let's just thank God that they missed is the story... God bless those tht were checking on me and those that was a crazy day....

That my friends is the story of Nigeria's own Evelyn Salt.... I hate the Po-Po!!! Still like gunz! I can now kick being in an action scene off my bucket list!!!

Poliz eez NOT MY FREEEEN!!! :\

Monday, September 13, 2010

Miss Independent...

Its a fad now...guys have let on that its 'appealing'...hence women are striving for it consciously/subconsciously (women why do we do that though...hear what a guy thinks he would love and start to fashion yourself to what their probably unprocessed thoughts produce? Ok...its just me? *side eye* Of course im not guilty of this *cough*) I do not believe in the whole Ms. Independent thing! This is not to say i think women should be lazy o! We should work too to sustain ourselves especially in these trying times but in my PERSONAL OPINION i think women are meant to be resourceful not independent and there's a difference.
God created woman out of a piece of an entire structure (man) meaning we are not to stand alone primarily. We are meant to COMPLETE someone...and help the person with our resourcefulness. The strength of a woman knows no bounds i know this...but its a fact a lot of people hide from or refuse to admit in a bid not to come off as weak. A significant other is not a bad idea at all... In my honest opinion....a woman with a job and a house and loads of money and no not to be envied...contrary to what many think she is incomplete...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Edible People (Part Uno) its not the usual... this kinda goes with my current mood that i hope i dont deal with...unlike that which i usually feel...dont try too hard to get it just enjoy the post...
Yea it says edible people...people i would eat if they were food...well not necessarily *smirk* yea its purely superficial...or maybe not. Cuz there are some people i would love to eat cuz of their words/lyrics (yea you guessed only talking about artistes/celebrities/people EVERYBODY seems to know 4 no reason here...dont get it twisted i know some people on a personal level that i would luv to eat but know what judgement is like plus im not about to make proud people prouder)

Oh yes this isnt just about men...i could eat some beautiful women too... shall we? Amen!

This man stays steady on my mind...IDRIS ELBA!!! Worraheck! Last night was with a few people and i could NOT keep quiet when this man came on TV!

Can i get an AMEN for the GOOD LORD creating such! Yea...somehow...i can here that Amen from so many women sending good vibrations around the world... We are thankful no. And i dunno y but he is a LONDON BOY and that just gets me with the accent and every! When did that start with me sef... *shrugz* NEXT PLATE OF YUM?!?!

I just remembered this fellow...he came out with this group and i dunno what it heart beat faster when i saw him... He doesnt ooze sexy o! Not from his nostrils but oh no...i dreamt of this man...i think it also had something to do with him bearing a striking resemblance to a crush (someone i actually know)i had at the was deep friends! Plus i jus saw this prettiful foto of him *cheese*

Cupids Chokehold video...see him in there...especially at the slow bit where Katy Perry is like "the only girl in the crowd" he jus looked soo adorable! And i lav his hair!!! *sigh*

As i proceed...i wud have u know that this list is in no particular order...the names come to me as i remember random "jizz" moments...and there have been a lot of them... *ahem*

A woman jus came to mind....her name is Kerry Washington...yes...i am straight ladies and gentlemen...but i would never EVER hate on a beautiful woman...i appreciate them when the need feature or entirety! I have also been known to be cross eyed when spotting women that are fine or whatever....LOOK UR OWN I WILL LOOK MY OWN! *ahem*

Her lips....dunno if she has EVER had any work done to them but...they speak to me Plus you seen her in the 'Bad Habit' video...its by Maxwell....sheeeee....kaaaiiiii! The female has an inner bank of sexiness that never runs dry. In my very personal opinion...please feel free to disagree...

********************** NOW SCREECHING **********************

Now Jessica Alba's body is terrific no? Thought so...however i would not like to eat her....maybe as a snack? She has this homely thing going on that doesnt scream 'Overdose on me!!!' Like this is one of her attempts to be sexy but... that i have had a rethink....i could eat her...quite a bit more than i thought previously actually....a plate or 2 no? Yea...i think i shall...

The man COMMON...y you have given your being such a contrasting name i would not understand but we have come to know and luv it as your own... Y do i luv this man...y wud i wanna get fat on this man? Let me count the ways... is it the bald head? could it be his arms...his shoulders? The fact that he looks so sexy and mean when he has a gun in his hand (This in no way means that i encourage violence or possession of fire arms...i just think guns...can be sexy *iShrug*) Could it be that he lukd like such a hunk of a man carrying Alicia Keys out of the building in 'Smoking Aces'...or jus that glare he can have sometimes or or...cud it just be his lyrics and his delivery??? What can it be o!!! TELL MEEE SOMEBODY!

However...y did he get with Serena??? Anyone?!? No?? Yea i figured cuz i didnt get it myself...but alas they r not together anymore...balance has therefore been restored! Amen

Now y on earth would you be hot...have a cute amazing smile...DIMPLES!!!! And then be singing about sex everyday?!?!? Its unfair...yes he now has tatoo's again and when he is 'interactin' with females in a video...'EISH!' Can a nigga shout STEAMY!!!??? Yes it is Trey Songz i speak of pipo!!! KAI!!! And that song 'Scratching me up' Anyway...God will forgive him...and me...Amen!

That in my opinion is a standard reaction to this man....i mean...he is a human being 4 goodness sakes!!! Sigh....

Now...last but not least! The Kardash sisters...albeit 1!!! Now I would eat all of em... they are em...endowed women...their endowment is African in nature! Bet KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN CAN BE A FRUMPY MAMA! Standing in one place she is real pretty but em when she starts walking?!?! Smh... Ahah! Her carriage is WACK! she doesnt carry her blessing well! Haba! So yea...i wud be having her for tea...if at all... sorry Kourt...ur baby is the CUTENESS btw...looks like ur daddy awww *sniff* (Yes...u are not reading this but i watch ur show so damn much i mite as well be at ur house in Miami b!)

Now Kim and Khloe...could be eaten... 3 times a day...without the doctor ordering me to do shyt! However i wud be having Khloe between meals and as a midnite snack thank you very much!

I hear you ask me y in the world i would wanna eat Khloe more than sexy cat Kim? I tell u this...a woman thats...bigger than most...and carries it well...does it 4 me! Plus i luv her personality...yea she is really lewd sometimes but she is just bubbly and tingz...and she just gets soo cute with Lamar Odom! Yea! Contrary to what most have said...i dont think she bares any semblance to a tranny...not 1 bit...

Isnt she beautiful...she is now on that 'realest shit' again... sigh... i am a gredge 4 her!

This ladies ,gentlemen and those who think im 'somehow' right now, concludes my first in a few musings on people i do not know personally and have dreamt that i would some day meet and...and do...other things with *side eye...ahem* Yes!

The next 1 may not come immediately after this...or it might...or it might never come at all since it seems i have a disrespect for continuity (in my mind)...

Before you say it and think that it will pain me...waste not your time... 4 i already know...that as much as i would prefer to be normal... I AM NOT!

And em to you dirty minds...'Eating' as i have used it so many times in this article has nothing to do with what a typical dirty minded individual would think of! Not like i know what it means myself in its entirety just yet (even tho i came up with it) its not...entirely sexual...

Wow...*sweet release* loL